Log Cabin Siding – Is it a Good Idea?

Log cabin siding is an idea that isn’t so very new, but it is new to some. Basically, it is the application of half-logs to the exterior of an already built, standing home, to be used as siding. There are a few benefits besides the obvious aesthetics of a wholesome, rustic, romantic appearance of a log home, and in truth, to a sizeable extent, it really is a conversion from a conventionally built modern home to that of a log-built structure, because there is a degree of added strength involved – a fortification of the main structure of your house. Let’s look into this further…

In adding log cabin siding to the exterior of your home, you are bolstering the strength not only by about a half a foot, give or take a couple of inches, of sturdy logs, but depending upon the wood you use – say, cedar for instance – you’re also adding insect resistance to your home as well. You may also find that some woods offered for this type of siding also provide a bit of fire retardant qualities to your home. Yet another benefit is insulation; adding half-log siding to your house can help hold in heat rather well in the winter, and keep the interior of your home cooler in the summertime.

But is applying log cabin siding to the outside of your house a good, solid and sound idea? I mean, is this a difficult project to get involved in? No, not at all – especially if you deal with a company that specializes in such things… for example, those that make pre-cut, pre-shaped logs for fully-built log homes often also specialize in creating this type of siding for conventional home applications. Having everything pre-shaped and pre-cut to the specifications of your home with all pieces numbered in order of construction makes applying this kind of siding to your home a simple breeze. What’s more is that siding your home with half-log construction is something that will stand the grueling tests of time, weather and sun, with almost no maintenance at all, especially if you use such woods like cedar.

Of course, there is the obvious benefit of making your home look beautiful with log cabin siding. You can have the dinging logs meet at the corners, or have the ends to be shaped as whole logs that interlock just like a whole log structure. Here again is where pre-cut, pre-shaped logs come into play. But remember, the rustic appearance is more than a mere fa├žade – it actually is a log home conversion to a very real degree. Many whole log constructed cabin homes are flat-walled on the interior. But the inordinately inexpensive price tag on such a siding project, especially when you consider the life of the end result and all the benefits, definitely makes this type of project a great and quite sensible idea for your home.