Go Green With Your Dream House

More and more people are trying to be eco-friendly and are going “green” in their approach in almost whatever they do in life. Ashville architects have gone a mile ahead by introducing a new concept in architecture called as “green architecture”.

What Is Green Architecture?

The word may sound interesting, but do not be misled by its literal meaning. Green architecture is a method of designing a house keeping the environment in mind. This is done by constructing an environmentally friendly and energy efficient house.

While constructing an eco-friendly home, aspects like passive solar design, active solar design, rain water collection, green roofs, day lighting and high performance envelopes are considered.

In the city of Ashville architects consider the most important factors that influence our future and the sustainability of our natural environment. They use simple green building techniques in order to reduce the negative impact of construction and in turn enhance the human and natural surroundings in which we live.

Principals Used In Green Architecture

Ashville architects follow certain principals while constructing a green building. They first orient the building appropriately as per the topography and day lighting. This is followed by efficient planning and design for economical usage of space and implementing renewable energy wherever it is practically possible.

What Should A Green Architect Know

It is very easy to find an architect but definitely not a green architect. This type of architect should be in a position to advice you about how to make your building energy efficient. He should also be efficient enough to translate your ideas into reality by using both architectural and common sense. He needs to use the modern and up-to-date technology to prove his efficiency at work.

Lastly, since this is eco-friendly architecture, he must use materials like solar panels, earth friendly materials like stone, wood etc, thermal mass building construction and if possible even recycled goods like bottles, tires and so on.

Materials Used

Generally, local and regional sources are used while building an environment friendly structure. The builders tend to incorporate durable, low maintenance materials, low embodied energy materials like stone and wood while building this kind of house.

The best part about this kind of architecture is that it incorporates permeable surfaces and uses native plants and existing surfaces wherever possible thereby making it eco-friendly. The main aim of this type of architecture is to minimize construction waste; use certified or reclaimed wood, recycled and recyclable materials.

Ashville architects are famous for using water for efficient fixtures and appliances, incorporating rain water collection and reusing gray water for irrigation and landscaping. They have been doing these things for over 20 years now.

Know The Advantages

Besides being eco-friendly, this type of constructions holds more advantages. This helps protect trees and topsoil during site work, filters storm water on site, employs sediment and erosion control techniques.

Being eco-friendly in nature, it helps in creating a healthy indoor air quality, provides ample ventilation and enhances fresh air supply. It uses least toxic materials as far as the finishing materials are concerned. It also helps the building in getting natural light.

Last but not the least; remember it is the design and construction that makes a perfect building. A building is ideal only when it sustains and most importantly is eco-friendly.