An Introduction to Custom Homes

Dream homes usually refer to the thoughts or visions one have in his/her mind to about how their home would be look like. However, the specifications differ from person to person, but most of the features remain the same. Custom built homes are much expensive and not everyone has the potential to have their dreams fulfilled.

Recognition or Identification

It is not difficult to identify a custom home in your neighborhood. Custom homes are usually larger in size because of additional features they have.

One main feature of custom built home is that it involves more than one exterior material in foundation of the home. Custom built homes usually is a blend of different construction material like stones, rocks, bricks, stucco, wood or slate. Other features which make custom built home distinguished from other homes includes variable number of windows, having more than one chimney, changed appearance of driveways or garage or the way roof is build and shape of it are some common identification marks for custom built homes.


Custom homes usually have some specific characteristics as they are build on the dreams and specifications of the people. They certainly have something different from standard homes. It is very hard to find one’s dream home in the pre-existing homes available for purchase in the market. People through custom homes give life to their ideas.

Some of the common features of custom homes are: Jacuzzi tubs, marble floors, crown molding, club or pool houses, balconies, cathedral ceilings, granite countertops, cherry oak finishes, aesthetic wood work and home offices.

Time Limit

Building a home is not a short process. It involves so many things which you have to fulfill before starting building your home. The process starts from purchasing a plot on land where you want to build your home. After purchasing a plot, you have to get a permit from your local authorities to start the construction work.

The next step is to choose an appropriate contractor who will supervise the process of building your home. After selecting a contractor, you will then go for a design. Making a blueprint of your home design can be a lengthy process. It can take between few weeks to few months before finalized.

The construction work is not a matter of few days. It can take months or even years to complete depending upon different factors. The average time for completion a home is estimated to be six months. Different weather conditions, mishaps or other such factors may delay the deadlines.


Custom homes are considered to be twice more expensive than a normal home. However, the prices of custom homes largely depend upon the locality and neighborhood. If we take an example of USA for evaluating the cost of custom homes, we will see that the average price of custom home in US is ranges from $700,000 to $1.5 million. This price can be doubled or even tripled in more fashionable and upscale societies or communities or if the home is located on the more sought-after place.


Today most of the custom homes build are usually environmental friendly. They are building with an assumption of having energy saving appliances like having windows which allows natural sunlight to come in the home easily, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, low flow sinks and toilets. The energy is generated in these homes by using photovoltaic roof. These photovoltaic roofs generate energy from the heat of the sun.